Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4 Weekend - Lake Tahoe!!!!

I took the training up to Tahoe for July 4th weekend to celebrate Independence Day in style - complete with hiking gear, skis, bikes (yeah I finally figured out the bike rack), and of course - board shorts and Rainbows. Didn't get a chance to use the skis (we did see some fantastic pond skimming at Squaw - complete with a gnarly tandem wipeout into the safety fence), but got in some great hiking and biking, paired with the requisite amount of celebratory drinking and phenomenal company.

Check out the videos...

Saturday hike up to the snow-covered summit of Rubicon peak - 9183' - just over a 2mi hike with 2300' of elevation:

And the "ride" down:

On Sunday, I rode down 89 towards Emerald Bay... those rolling hills definitely pack a punch at 6300'...

The parting view of Chambers Landing:

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  1. I wish I had done Rubicon! Looked breathtaking. At least I got to enjoy the view of Chambers, not to mention their famous punch.