Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday June 25th - First Day on the Bike Course

So I rationalized sleeping through the Captain's ride this morning by promising myself I would ride the Alcatraz bike course in the afternoon (after catching up on some much needed rest)... 26 miles and some wicked hill climbs later, I realized this bike course is no joke...

Baby Bella Vacation and Training in Hood River

I ventured up to Hood River last week to spend some time with my family and my sister's new baby - Isabella June. It was an awesome trip - lots of family, beautiful weather, amazing food (including salmon Matt caught on a recent fishing trip, and a spontaneous strawberry rhubarb pie he whipped up sans recipe at 9pm), tons of training, and requisite amounts of sleep.

Baby Bella, flexing like a champ:

Awesome views on the way down to the pool:

Running through downtown:

Saturday June 18th - First Fundraiser!!

Knupps and I hosted our first fundraiser on the 18th - Flapjacks and Flipcup at the Fortress, complete with post sand ladder pancakes and pre-North Beach festival shenanigans. Thanks to everyone that came out in support from spring and summer team!!

Be sure to check out the videos below...

Flapjacks and Flipcup - that's what the Fortress does!!

Uncle Buck on the grill:

Summer Team with the come-from-behind victory over Spring Team:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scouting Escape from Alactraz

We're now two weeks into coached practices... the training's been pretty broad - everything from swim technique drills, intervals on the track (1st time since high school), run technique work, bike maintenance, and a timed 100m swim marker set (yeah, that wasn't so pretty).

Earlier today I watched 2,000 triathletes compete in the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon, including my TNT mentor, Lisa, who swam as part of a relay team. Escape from Alcatraz is the closely related cousin to the SF Triathlon at Alcatraz, slightly longer swim, shorter bike, and the same grueling run. The thunderstorms held off and the weather was gorgeous (proving once again that meteorologists in SF have a tough job). Biggest takeaway from today was to pick the right line in the swim... you definitely don't want to overshoot and get stuck fighting the current back to the swim exit.

T-minus 11 weeks until I'll be in a similar picture...